education and experience

As you can see I developed interest in technical systems at an early stage of my life. On the picture you can see me building the innovative machine that should save the world, extinguish poverty and solve the polution problems.
I attended schools, joined a technical college and finally studied computer science on the university:

technical college

HTBLA Wien 22, Nachrichtentechnik off-site link
  • additional exams in typewriting, digital circuit logic and computation
  • special interest in computer science and measurement applications
  • final exam and project: design, development and production of a high speed digital storage oscilloscope, including PCD design using PCAD, soldering, application software on a PC.


technical university vienna off-site link, computer science
  • additional exams in history of industrialization age, basic astrology, massive parallel computing, computer language theory, computer simulations, basic VDHL chip logic programming
  • projects in groups
  • software development
  • telecommunications
  • simulation technology
  • implementation of a advanced graphical windowing system
  • 3d game development and computer graphics
  • computational geometry
  • human/user interface design
  • non-technical impact analysis of technical systems

jobs during education

  • tutoring for
    • software development
    • microsoft office, especially Excel
    • man-machine interfaces
  • specification and implementation of complex simulation systems
  • operating companies computer installations, network and internet access
  • development of macros
  • web pages, web sites